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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The series takes place in a small town in America. It is located in the state of North Dakota and is almost famous for nothing. Williston when could be rich, but the only field in it was recognized as empty, and then the interest of all influential people to this place was gone. In this small settlement residents practically exist, and do not live, there is no big money, joy, but still they continue to survive and even try to feel happiness from small things. Typical inhabitants of this area are Billy and Cody Lefevere that are not just painted, but are a real family trying to support each other and love.this couple came here relatively recently, it led to the town legend that the oil field can actually be full of black liquid gold, and this will change their lives and allow to get out of poverty directly into high society. Of course, such a dream can take very far and the move was not the biggest change in their lives.< p>

However, as is usually the case in life, a rich businessman has long been rushing and really rediscovered the oil field, increasing every day its huge capital. The couple begins to eat up a sense of injustice, because this is their main goal in life, the main chance that the person who practically does not need it took away.

Of domestic intransigence real war begins simple pair poor with the rich having power and authority. The result is far from unambiguous, but the most unpleasant is that in the race for wealth the family will have to put on the line everything they have, even the only value in the form of love for each other and a good happy marriage.< p>

they are waiting for a huge number of contradictions, tests, quarrels, as well as solutions that will be crucial for business and relations between each other. The series is full of intrigue, unexpected plot twist and eternal choice, which is more expensive than a lot of money or human relationships and strong feelings.