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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The film "I'll take your money" introduces us to the greedy entrepreneur Miller, ready for their own profit on any actions. Thanks to a cleverly organized unscrupulous businessman Scam, his client lost a significant amount of money. Miller thought the main problem was solved. Considerable cash capital remained to be delivered to the right place. Later, the stolen funds will allow the swindler to start a new life. Naturally, the deceived client will eventually understand that he was a victim of fraud. He'll probably go to the police, start an investigation. However, until Miller is already far away, will be in a place where it will not be able to find investigators.The swindler did not take into account the factor of chance. He did not expect that in the forest, where he hid the stolen goods, there would be a group of tourists. The three friends decided to spend time in the lap of nature. They didn't know they'd accidentally find a fortune in cash. Seeing the money, friends quickly reacted, what to do in this situation. Young people are not stopped by the fact that it is likely to have trouble. Worst fears were confirmed. Miller found the money missing. He realized that in a cruel twist of fate himself, the thief was robbed, and random travelers. Miller intends to return his capital at any cost. Watch the movie "I'll take your money" and witness the terrible hunt businessman tourists.