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Merciless thrash metal, Tarantino Grindhouse, genre: road movie, Mad Max in length, thirteen episodes (not yet renewed for a second season) – new apocalyptic fiction from the SyFy channel hit on the brain of Thriller and horror fans.The distant future presents a grim picture when, after global catastrophes, more than half of the planet turned into a lifeless desert. In the world of people and mechanisms there was a grotesque change – fuel for futuristic cars is human blood. Therefore, do not be surprised by a whole string of macabre characters inhabiting the apocalyptic world of the future – punks, cannibals, monsters, zombie lawyers, leather stylish clothes, religious cults, communities of Amazons, nymphomaniacs, the blood of the river and the atmosphere of total madness.Former COP Arthur Bailey looks around in horror, realizing that the remnants of the collapsed civilization finally went crazy. Moreover, against their will, a police officer shall take part in this nightmarish Orgy. The hero joins a team with a complete psychopath grace - this couple will participate in a deadly race on bloodthirsty machines across the desert, competing with other, even more manic crews. Let the strongest win!

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