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season two Plot detective series< a > "Blind spot" continues the story of a young girl found in Time Square. After several weeks of investigation, FBI agents have not been able to fully decipher the signs painted on the body of the heroine. Nevertheless, they have managed to find out that all of these encoded symbols are associated with the recent killings and abductions. Soon, they find the first corpse, which the police did not even know anything up to this point. It becomes clear that the girl was only a pawn in someone's hand, but it's also possible that it is involved in all crimes. The second season will show the audience a man who is directly associated with all this terrible game. He knows what the tattoo on the girl's body, but talking about it can't keep up. What is actually hiding the main character? Look...crime shows are often built on the Kanon: one series is one thing, which is investigating the team of main characters. The series " Blind spot "(in another version of localization the name sounds like" Blind spot") consists of a single integral story, which for the second season remains full of mysteries and mysteries. To see further plot twists, the show "Blind spot" season 2 you can watch online for free on our website.

what puzzles will present 2 season online series "blind spot"< h2>

last season, only a few puzzles have been solved: for example, FBI agents found that many tattoos indicate past or future crimes. But who is behind all this? Who is committing these strange murders? And why hints are depicted on the body of the unknown girl? Kurt Weller along with the staff tries to answer these questions, trying to decipher all the tattoos and find new clues. He even suspects that the girl may not be so innocent. Maybe she remembers and pretending to be specifically for the sake of some dangerous targets. Series "Blind spot" season 2 is of interest to all fans of puzzles. Moreover, in the second season, we finally see a man who can decipher all the tattoos on the girl's body. But this time suddenly appeared a genius to tell the police? In addition, the real name of the girl suffering from amnesia has not been established. Agent Weller is trying to find out her secrets in every way. If you are interested to unravel the mystery of the identity of the main character, the series "Blind zone" season 2, you can watch online directly on our website. New series are always available in good quality, and will be released immediately after their show on American television.

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