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Original Title: Blade: The Series
Channel: Spike
Creators: David S. Goyer
Language: English
Description: The series is based on the struggle between good and evil, light and darkness. The forces of darkness represent bloodthirsty killer vampires. The role of light stands on quite a super hero, and half vampire Blade. He became so at the time of birth. The fact that he is half man makes it practical is invincible, he is strong, is immune to the full transformation into a vampire and is a real nightmare for them. His partner on his negligence was also transformed. In search of information about her brother although she served in Iraq and knows how to stand up for themselves will fall into the hands of the chief vampire. Blade will save her by giving her a serum to dull her bloodlust. Together they begin a real hunt against these creatures. He feels them from afar, but she was not afraid of anything.

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