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The world is plunged into panic, but then there is a man who with the help of their unique abilities to cope with evil. Now it is called the King of Magicians.rnrn

After the death of each King's Magicians is the election of a new candidate for this honorary position. Every boy wants to take an honorary position, but most of all wants a young Aster.rnsince childhood, Aster, living in an orphanage, competing with the Young, much more talented and ambitious magician. Yuno is considered a true genius among peers, but Aster on the contrary, extremely clumsily uses his abilities.rnWhen the boys are trained, each of them receives a magical Grimoire, an artifact that reveals the full power of its owner.rnbut here's the thing: Aster doesn't get a Grimoire. He is forced to feel like an outcast, but in a stressful situation, the talents of the young man are manifested in all its glory. It turns out, in it dozing powerful force. Because of this, the main character gets a very rare Grimoire, which occurs every hundred years.rnrn

Now it is considered to be a powerful mage that suddenly makes the Young to feel jealous of always losing to the opponent. The feud between young people is increasing, and there is still quite inappropriately demons trying to break free. Now Aster must do everything to prevent a global catastrophe and fulfill its mission.