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Sebastian is the perfect Butler. He is incredibly charming, amazingly helpful and superhuman quick. Inhumanly. Sebastian Michaelis-a demon with amazing powers, who will take the soul of the Lord and protects his treasure.rn

Twelve-year-old heir to the house Phantomhive – the sole survivor of the genus. He is desperately looking for those responsible for the death of parents, while dominating all businesses and people in the family. It serves him Sebastian, who expects to receive the soul of the count as a fee for services.rn

in the castle there is an ordinary life: servants falling into ridiculous situations, a sweet and touchy bride. However, Ciel and Sebastian have a completely different life.rn

By order of Queen Victoria, the heroes are investigating different crimes associated with the brutal murders or cunning theft. Behind them, usually, are not just criminals, and representatives of another world, which includes the head of the Butler phantom this world there are Reapers or demons death Shinigami, which are at kill as no one the other. Surrounded by Phantomhive one Reaper – the Butler and his enemy, the second is the main informant and the the end of the first season the Butler and his is a master remain utterly alone – Queen dead, friends suspect in imperfect crimes. In the final battle of the first season Sebastian protects Ciel from the demon, but Earl phantomhive loses his hand. Series leads to the fact that the demon Butler will take away the soul of the count.however, the anime has a sequel, and the "Dark Butler" can be watched online from both the first and the second season. It turns out that Sebastian had not taken the soul of Ciel, went against his nature. And then in front of the new adventures of favorite characters.rn

In the second season of the anime there are additional characters – the family of Transi analogue family Phantomhive. Count Alois Trance also has a demon Butler. 12 the series reveals a lot of meaningful moments behind the scenes in the first season. From the series, we learn that the Queen is actually alive and fully trusts Phantomhive. That is why the audience will find numerous investigation and detective story.also in the second season reveals the essence of the moment when Sebastian did not take the soul of Ciel. It turns out that the soul of the count was kidnapped, but even after its return to the owner the loyal Butler does not infringe on it. So the connection between Sebastian and Ciel becomes even denser. Graf and Alois Transi with the demon Claude constantly attempting the assassination of the heir to the house Phantomhive. Alois takes your body a Little, exposing the fact insane and himself wants to Become great count. For several series, there is a struggle over the body of a young Phantomhive: demon butlers fighting in reality, inside the Ciel is a struggle of two consciousnesses.the Ending of the series is quite unexpected. The Butler Sielya learns, that except his contract there is another, on which Fantomkhayv after death is reborn in demon. So, Michaelis could not absorb the soul of the master and forced to serve him forever.for those who are not ready to part with the stunning universe of the "Dark Butler" after two seasons, the animation Studio has released several non-serial video OVA about the adventures of a demon and a Butler. Also fans of fantasy like the animated series "Sofia the beautiful".