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Ordinary London street, passers-by, well-groomed flower beds. But there is one thing that does not fit into this atmosphere. And it's called black's Bookshop. This shop always dilutes measured and boring life of neighbors. Why? Because here you can always find three completely different first glance it seems that they are a bit out of it, but it is not quite so. These people just live the way they want to. They are not afraid to say and do what their heart and soul tells them to do. They always meet in one place – in the store "Black Books".The main character's name is Bernard black. This man has collected all the qualities that are unlikely to please the layman. He will find a sarcastic answer to any question, and his whole life is a series of sarcasm and irony, which he perfectly complements with a bottle of cheap alcohol. It is not clear why he opened and contains this store, because at every opportunity he just takes, closes it and goes to continue to have fun in the nearest bar.Manny Bianco lives in the same shop. This each and assistant black. Although he is not very agile, but still tries and wants to be useful. He knows how to communicate with people and make sales. He is very attached to Bernard, and sometimes it only bothers him.Closes the Trinity in this company a girl named Fran. She also works as a salesman in a nearby store. With the black they have long been familiar. Fran's trying to make her own life, but so far she's barely making it, and all she can do is drink wine and smoke in the company of Bernard and Manny.But this does not mean that the store is not popular. Here you can always find a buyer of books, but I want to ask the question-why are you here, friend? Is there anything in black's Bookshop that isn't in the rest of the bookstores?

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