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In our harsh days, that just does not happen. An untrained person can be shocked and surprised by paranormal entities and incredible love stories. For example, in this series, we will focus on a detective named black. He dresses a character is in all black. The guy very effectively catches, tracks down and puts criminals around the city. But, at one point, his body is the essence, which everyone knows as the Reaper of souls. Of course, after this incident, all life now has a different meaning. But like what Reaper has arrived in our world, a little – he managed to fall in love with an ordinary girl named Ha RAM. As it turned out later – the girl is also very difficult person: she can see what other people do not agree. Ha-RAM has the ability to see the faces of death. From now on, the mind-blowing couple decides to go against all the canons and instead of taking lives, they save them. Every day, the beauty and the police are trying to make the world better, getting into trouble and meeting a lot of adventures on the way.