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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
The plot of the drama series tells the story of the family of the drunkard Fikri. The man has six children, he constantly drinks, which is why the family abandoned the mother, leaving the children to his father. The oldest among the children is Filiz and she is the one who takes over the responsibility to look after the younger children. The heavy fate of the heroine is not to be envied, she has to work day and night to earn money for food and clothing for younger children. Father does not pay attention to them and especially does not help Phyllis. One day, returning from work, the girl meets a handsome guy, they meet and flash mutual feelings. Knowing his role and position in the family, Felice can not afford any feelings. She tries to stop communication and forget his an over-familiar. Only the young Lady does not intend to say goodbye to the beauty, he will do everything possible to be close to her.