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Original Title: Bitten
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Syfy,Space
Creators: Daegan Fryklind
Language: English
Description: Bitten-canadian television series, based on the book "Bitten" from a series of novels by Kelly Armstrong "Women of another world." Immediately after the release on TV, which happened on January 13, 2014, he gained instant popularity and a large audience of fans. If you are a fan of TV series, which mix mystical, love relationships and werewolves, then you are definitely interested in Bitten.< p>

the main character of the series is Elena Michaels(Laura Vanderworth), who against her will plunged into a world where supernatural legends and myths are not fiction. Elena meets an ordinary guy named Clayton, who becomes the only love of her life. But soon she realizes that he has secrets that should not be dedicated to anyone other than members of his mysterious family. Clayton is a real werewolf and at some point bites Elena, turning her into their own kind.After transformation into a the main the indigenous heroine learns, that she is the only woman-a werewolf, which survived transformation and not died. Clayton's family gladly accepts Elena into their ranks, but it is extremely difficult for her to recover from unexpected events and accept who she has become.Elena moves to Toronto, tries to live a normal life and at first she successfully copes with this task. The work of the photographer, a meeting with a successful man, with whom she struck up a romantic relationship, it would seem everything is getting better and goes as she planned, but unexpected news from Stonehaven turn everything upside down.A series of events again return it to the estate where the family of werewolves lives, involving it in that life from which it in every possible way tried to escape. Clayton sees this as a great way to return the old relationship, because quickly formed a classic love triangle.< p>

Mysterious deaths are increasingly casting shadows around Stonehaven, and the family needs Elena to uncover the mystery and get on the trail of who is the organizer of these events. The main characters do not know what consequences will lead their investigation, and in what war the two warring packs all this will grow. The series is so eventful that with each new series deepens into an intricate plot, with a lot of intrigues and mysteries.

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