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  • Genres:
  • Drama
And again the Turks, or rather Turkish women hurry to tell their story to a respectable audience. The main characters, this time two, Melike-the first of them, once already passed its way from the unknown deafening glory, when her voice "flew" across the country from each radio, and the name did not leave the top lines of the song charts. But time flies, imperceptibly, and for a change the recent idols younger greedy of fame finalist, song contests, and you forget everything. So it was with Melick, socialite, it quickly became a simple resident of the city who earns a living with a MOP with a rag and always littering the club's visitors. There the woman met the young Goekce, dreaming of the spotlight and crowds of fans, patiently waiting for her autograph Adult all survivors Melick tries to reason with her.