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Original Title: Big Time Rush
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Nickelodeon
Creators: Scott Fellows
Language: English
Description: A mysterious Corporation conducts dangerous and immoral research, while putting experiments on ordinary people. A simple guy from London, Alex becomes one of participants of the program. Above him held a series of strange experiments, and in the end, he woke up on the outskirts of Bangkok. Erased memory and misunderstandings of everything that happens, is not the worst thing he has to face. Right in front of Alex a few people in uniform brutally kill a simple man who even tried to convey a message to the hero before his death. Alex begins to hide from his pursuers, overcoming numerous obstacles. That's just far away he fails and soon well trained and equipped soldiers awaited him.Alex wakes up again in the same place, and again in his eyes there is a murder of the same person. The guy again have to escape from the cruel persecutors. The situation is repeated several times, each time the hero's memory is completely erased, and only scraps of memories and small tips that he leaves himself, can help him break the closed time chain and understand what is really happening.

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