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Success in Hollywood, Florida is an American-made Comedy series that tells the adventures of two brothers. The main characters felt that they can make films no worse than Spielberg himself. It seems that their desires are quite natural-the guys want to try their hand at creativity, but none of them wants to master the art of directing, they are sure that their talent will be enough to shoot brilliant pictures and without textbooks and tedious lectures. Every day, thinking through the strategy of filming, the main characters did nothing but sit at their tables and exchanged brilliant ideas with each other. Parents tired to drag myself to the two hangers, so they saw no other choice but to expel two brothers from their home. From this moment begins the main storyline. The main characters take such a parental decision not as a betrayal, but as a real challenge. Now they decide to go on a journey to shoot, and then mount and put into circulation his first film... But whether they guessed that their decision quite abruptly will change their way of life? Will they be able to cope with the burden of responsibility, because as it turned out, the surrounding reality is quite cruel.