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  • Drama
Kim Jie grew up without parents in one of the most disadvantaged urban areas. His hobby was Boxing. Most of the time he devoted to training and dreamed that someday the day will come when he will be able to climb the ring, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of spectators. However, becoming older, the young man realized that not everything is so colorful in this sport, as he imagined. Therefore, Kim decided to leave his dreams only in his head and chose a businessman. Now every day he works tirelessly to become the best worker in the economy. And like everything goes according to plan, when suddenly one news completely turns his mind and the world around. It turns out that Kim's father is one of the richest and most influential people in Korea. He has his own big firm, about which the main character heard only bad, as they dishonestly carry out their transactions. But Kim will not get acquainted with his father, and will do everything to take revenge on him and drive him into the position in which he grew up the guy. During the execution of his plan, the hero gets acquainted with the beautiful So Mi RA, which immediately falls in love. Will not his feelings become an obstacle to achieving the main goal?