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In a small California town Monterey moves a young single mother Jane with her son. In the past, she left a dark secret about which he prefers not to remember. At the new place she hopes to start a new life, but is very worried about ziggy. The boy has to go to a new school, where children of rich parents study, and Jane is worried about how his relationship with peers will develop. The fact that ziggy is very vulnerable and impressionable baby, which, moreover, there are psychological problems.


on the first day of school in the Parking lot, Jane meets Madeline, a local activist whose daughter Chloe offers ziggy to be friends. Madeline goes with Jane for coffee, and introduces her to her charming friend Celeste, the mother of two restless boys. At the end of the lessons Jane comes for ziggy, and relieved to know that he had a great time. A little later, Amabella, the daughter of a wealthy and influential businesswoman Renata, accuses ziggy of trying to strangle. According to her, during the game the boy grabbed her by the throat and began to press hard. Ziggy denies everything, swearing to his mother that he didn't do it. The scandal is gaining momentum.

rnmeanwhile, a charity costume party takes place at the school, during which someone's corpse is found near the stairs. For a small town in which nothing ever happens, this event is akin to the explosion of an atomic bomb. It turns out that behind the facades of fashionable mansions lurk dark secrets, which can not guess even the closest people.

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