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Original Title: Big Bad Beetleborgs
Channel: UPN
Creators: Haim Saban
Language: English
Description: High school students are always learning is not easy. And this is the main characters of the Comedy horror film "Big and evil" know firsthand, because he himself will soon finish school. Teachers chase, Donnie and crystal do not allow children to relax, constantly forcing them to perform strange tasks. So this time one of the teachers came up with something incredible. To raise funds for the school, he decided not to organize a traditional charity evening, and sent three characters to the prison building, which has not been working for the last 30 years. They'll have to stay there till morning to get the credit. At first, students, although they find the idea stupid, but they think that it will be easy, because no one has appeared in the house for several decades, and therefore they have nothing to fear. But soon it turns out interesting detail-it turns out, some time ago here happened mass murder of. With these thoughts to be in the building is much worse. The situation is complicated when in the district begins to wander a terrible beast. Will the heroes survive?

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