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Original Title: Beyblade Burst
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Creators: Katsuhito Akiyama
Description: This series tells about ordinary students who are engaged in daily not only trips to school, but also manage to find a bunch of other Hobbies. Bayblade is a game on which all the characters of this animated series are obsessed. It may seem that the rules of this game are very simple and clear, but in fact it is not. In order to win this game, you need to develop your own strategic and tactical plan. Qualities such as mindfulness, support, mutual help and honesty should also be developed.The main character Walt AOI is just crazy about the game. He just started playing it, but it has completely absorbed him, so all the rules and nuances he grasps on the fly. Friendship with the champion in this game Uyu Kurenai inspires Walt to the same achievements. However, the boy did not take into account, on the way to success he will have many different opponents, but thanks to them, he will understand that he wants to become the best in the world.

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Episode 13