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Recently, the carefree life of the school teacher Magda gave a serious crack: first she lost her job because of the crisis, then her husband traded her for another woman, and in addition to all, the doctor found the heroine's chest seals. Soon the most terrible fears were fully confirmed, and magde was diagnosed with cancer with all its consequences. The life of the heroine has gone downhill, and she is not only worried about her son, who may be left without support, but also feels deeply lonely man. In the darkest and most terrible moment of his life Magda meets with the school football coach of his son. Arturo, noticed the talent of the boy, who himself is very suffering, because he recently lost his wife and daughter in a terrible car accident.The heroine begins to feel the support from Arturo, with whom she is very close, as well as from her son, whose feelings for the mother are admired. Magda for the first time, you hope that everything will change for the better. But fate is preparing a strong spirit of women another unpleasant surprises, and to cope with all it will be very difficult.

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