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In the town of Pritty lake people begin to die from an unknown virus. A strange pattern soon becomes apparent: those over 21 years of age become ill with the virus. Until the reasons are clear, the local authorities decide to quarantine and close the city. So the inhabitants are trapped in a cage. On the one hand, a mysterious epidemic, on the other - the army guarding the city. Chuck, captain of the school hockey team, takes the reins. Wiley, the pregnant daughter of a local priest, wants to run away with her boyfriend Adam, but during the escape, the girl begins to fight. Adam got caught in the border zone and got shot, so he had to go back. The higher authorities announce that they will remove the quarantine if the survivors burn the corpses. There's a conflict between Chuck and Ronnie's drug dealer. Chuck finds out about the fate of his missing sister Lana. Unfortunately, the girl is dead and it was probably a murder. He suspects Ronnie and calls him out. In the end, each Chuck Proud dies. Ronnie tries to make an alibi and hide behind Chuck Stacy's girlfriend, but she refuses to help the criminal. However, there is irrefutable evidence that Ronnie did not commit the murder. Who then killed an innocent girl, what will happen to the heroes next, and whether they will be able to stop the rampant epidemic? The series Between season 1 all series in a row to watch online for free in good quality.

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