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  • Comedy
The main character is Nina Whitley, a beautiful girl who seemed to be the happiest, because she has everything - the best friend, a loving groom and the best work. But as usually happens at the happiest moment everything goes downhill-the former lover announces that he is getting married, the best friend gets exactly the position that Nina hoped to get, and at this moment the nerves of the main character do not stand up and the girl tears her anger at her workplace...And after this incident, the girl decides to change her usual world, and now she begins to forget about expensive costumes, dinners and high-class hotels during business trips. Now the only place where she was happy was the office of the public defender. At first, Nina was extremely difficult to cope with the difficulties around her, but then she began to revise the entire legal system, because now she protects those who do not have money to hire a personal lawyer. Besides, now she has almost every thing to see his former lover named Trent, who openly mocks Nina.