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Sato is 16 years old, he lives in a hostel together with other students. He is young, temperamental and like any growing organism, constantly wants to eat, but 1000 yen for entertainment and food, of course, is not enough, but a resourceful person will always find a way out. He, too, found, became to participate in daily evening battles. People of different ages can fight here. The prize is a special school Breakfast with a discount, which is always a little in the dining room. Beat all-received an addition to the usual morning meal. At first, our hero was beaten hard, but gradually he got stronger and became a good fighter, he even had a girlfriend Khan. Then they were taken under the protection of the snow witch, the guys started a new full of adventures and dangers of life. What was glad our young man, because he was now full, because the witch was the patroness of cheap food.