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The plot of the film Enemy (2013) begins with the fact that depression is the teacher for watching the Comedy tenacious hunter shot game. The film leaves him indifferent and he goes to sleep, but at night wakes up from some sounds: it turns out, he did not turn off the VCR and the film is played again. And then the hero is surprised to see the performer of one of the roles, which is similar to him as a twin brother. The teacher of history begins to search for his double, which become the meaning of life for him.nnWhen they finally manage to meet, they are completely different people, though similar as two drops of water. One always doubts herself after a divorce, the Professor, the second - opinionated actor a cameo role, who always knows what to do. Almost immediately the twins decide to replace each other in real life. What will happen and who is the real enemy of the main character? nnIn the film, the Enemy played a major role stunning Jake Gyllenhaal, known for such works as Captives, Patrol, Prince of Persia, the Source code and many others. The actor was able to very clearly present on the screen such different images of twins. The intriguing plot and the unexpected ending of the film Enemy (2013) keep the viewer in suspense the whole film and leave behind a lot of questions.

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