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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Police detective Annie Ryder was quite satisfied with her service, she lives in a small and very quiet town of Bellevue. Most often, Annie's duties are limited to conversations with" difficult " teenagers about the inadmissibility of their behavior. Officer Ryder has a teenage daughter, Daisy is interested in the history of their homes and enthusiastically writes a big report on the events of 1994. In this period, victim of an unknown criminal was sandy, quite a strange fourteen year old girl, the silent and always avoid the society of others. The culprit of the tragedy could not be found, but Daisy believes that some of the townspeople still believe that the Ghost of the strangled girl is able to appear in Bellevue and master its inhabitants. Annie remembers this story, when the whole measured life of her town collapses due to the murder of sixteen Jesse, calm, inconspicuous young man, who never had any conflicts with anyone. Detective Ryder and her colleagues theorize that the killer sandy could once again go back in Bellevue, and again to commit an equally horrific crime, although they there is no conclusive evidence.

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