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Dear fans of exciting fantastic series, we are pleased to announce the start of the second season of the series "Believe ". As we all remember, the series began as a very ordinary Thriller. At first, many found it banal and not interesting, but all the platitudes end at the end of the first series, and then break away from viewing is simply unrealistic. But what will be discussed in the long-awaited sequel? What new adventures await Bo and her companion?! And yet I propose to recall how it all began. The series Faith begins with a terrible accident, a married couple with their little daughter on a rainy evening go on vacation, when suddenly they run into a car and pushes them into a ditch. The unfamiliar girl quickly and very cruelly finishes with parents of the little girl. But as soon as she wanted to start killing the child, she was frightened off by the cops who were fluttering at the scene. Orphaned baby Bo has superhuman abilities, which appeared in her two years old. At the moment, the child is already 10, but she still could not learn to control her gift. Knowing about the unusual abilities of Bo, her from birth protects the secret organization "the Faithful. " However, evil never sleeps, so Bo is a real hunt, because the child can be a powerful weapon in the battle for world domination. After the accident, the girl is in the hospital, and its location becomes known to the villains. In order to protect the unusual girl, the "Faithful " seek the help of Tate, whose boyfriend was accused and sentenced to death for nothing, but he managed to escape. Now the fugitive criminal is with a small child in his arms, from this moment begins their strong friendship and exciting adventures!

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