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Melodramatic Comedy, Begin again (2014) - this is a touching and nice simple ribbon. Here we will talk about everyday life, everyday life and the variety of its difficulties. All these vicissitudes will be thoroughly imbued with music, hard FL Some consider creativity a matter of life, gradually turning it into a mechanical earning money, while others - cherish this passion in the heart and do it only for the soul. nnThe film Start again (2014), starring the charming keira Knightley and the unique mark Ruffalo, is a musical melodramatic Comedy that will naturally tell about two people who got slapped by fate, but did not give up and showed others their wrong. The main character experienced the betrayal of a loved one who gave a great scene, fame and prestigious awards. She even demanded nothing, despite the fact that he will be performing with her songs, which she co-sponsored. The second Central character, also abandoned by fate in the face of his business partner, chose to find solace in the bottle. And here is these two resentful personality met in a bar, where she simply sang for visitors, and he was drinking another dose Comforter. The girl's voice I was surprised and impressed former music producer, and he gave her a crazy offer she couldn't refuse.

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