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Based on the novel of the same name-a bestseller, the film takes viewers to a small provincial town where the main character-Louise Clark lives. She is absolutely ordinary girl, trapped in the mundane monotony of everyday life. Lou knows a lot of things - that she doesn't like her job, how many steps from the bus stop to her house, and Patrick is not a couple. But the girl can not imagine that very soon her life will change completely - she will lose the hated work and be able to finally get rid of the guy who really does not love. But with the solution of its problems, the heroine of the drama "Before meeting you" piled and many other troubles. In parallel, the story tells us about some will Traynor-a young athlete who was hit by an inattentive motorcyclist. The accident caused many injuries that convinced the guy that his life is over. And in that moment, when the life of the heroine goes downhill, she was hired by the parents of the injured will as a nurse. While young people can not imagine that when they meet, their lives will begin to change-not immediately, without sharp turns, but steadily and purely in a positive way! It all starts with the fact that Louise notices the depression of his ward and decides at all costs was not to prove to him that life is worth it to breathe in full chest!

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