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If we resort to statistics, about thirteen percent of the population suffer from various phobias. For some, this may be quite a common fear, for example, fear of heights, or darkness, and someone is afraid of something more individual-buttons, birds or even paper clips. In a new television project called Bear Grylls: the test of fear is already familiar to many experts in the field of survival, ready to help those who want to get rid of their fears, however, his tactics causes a large number of suspicions, because he believes that to deal with their phobias need the most brutal way. He decides to immerse the person in his fear, that is, to lower him into the environment in which he would not have entered under any pretext on his own. Naturally, such methods of struggle are carried out only with those who really want to overcome fear and he agreed to such a radical method, and, by the way, there were not so few who wanted to. So, what will become of them now, will they be able to overcome what they fear throughout their lives, or will their fear become even greater? This and much more viewers will see in the new series of exciting series Bear Grylls: test of fear.