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The Pacific coast is fraught with many dangers. Hot sun, waves are dangerous for vacationers, which can occur in various accidents. But they can be calm — the order on the beach and health will be watched by rescuers. Young people have a excellent physical training, have passed rigorous training, so their lives can be safely entrusted in his hands. Mitch and Matt suddenly learn that their territory is threatened with extinction due to the destructive activities of a large oil company. The management pursues personal goals, they do not care about leisure travelers and employment of local rescuers. Not without Finance, each project is supported by a solid reward, but is the money can replace the peace of mind of citizens who dream of a comfortable beach holiday.This place is really Paradise-the gentle sun, endless sandy expanses, beautiful girls in bikinis, delicious food-everything that accompanies a good rest. Mitch and Matt are so different, what we can say about them fire and ice, water and stone. They have to work together, their actions are coherent, mistakes are unacceptable. Bucannon is discreet, serious, always thinking through every step, while Brody is cheerful, mischievous, ready to rush forward at breakneck speed. Their actions affect human life, so the bites of poisonous insects, marine life, sunburn is easier to prevent than to face their consequences. How can you get rid of such a Paradise for the sake of solid profits?The appeal to the city authorities to anything doesn't lead, spontaneous meetings will be suppressed by police. The guys are ready to have their own risky plan, which they are going to make a reality. The beauty of the beach is not interested in the oil tycoon, there will be a profitable business. Put aside all the differences, Mitch and Matt will be the only team that fought for a common goal.

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