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Women's struggle for equality had arisen in ancient times and continued even in the current century. Active and energetic girls in different ways show their own desire for emancipation. While some feminists, which is preferably most, busting my throat to the various activities benefiting, like a cat laugh, others take practical steps. Indicative is the case in the distant now 1973. Then the little-known athlete Billy Jean king had the courage to challenge the titled tennis player, Wimbledon champion Bobby Riggs. A favorite of loyal fans willingly agreed to play with a young competitor. More than 50 million US citizens were looking forward to the start of the match.Each of the participants pursued their own specific goals. The young purposeful person tried to draw attention of the public to pressing problems of sportswomen in such a way. The loads were almost the same with men, and the level of payment for the performances of Mrs. lagged behind. For 53-year-old tennis player competition was a great chance to remind myself again and even return to the sport. In fairness it should be noted, the former glory was left behind, the former favorite already enjoyed the rest. The victory in the match was not just a triumph of one of the athletes, it symbolized the solution of the most important issues in the eternal rivalry.

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