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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
The new unusual sports anime will tell the audience about the former urban resident schoolboy Harad, who just plays baseball, and dreams of becoming a member of the best team in the country, and then the world. But grandiose plans, it seems, are not fated to come true by coincidence of two circumstances. First, the guy and his family are forced to move to live in the province, where, most likely, there is no real sports school, and secondly, he has such a great feeder, there is no worthy partner. Well, not met yet our ambitious character, the same quick and nimble person, like himself, to make him a catcher. Without this, you will not be able to break into the top division, because baseball is not only a team, but also a pair game. But what if a young Japanese man is wrong and the new school among the children he will be able to find the one he wanted to find?