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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Quite a strange place appears before the audience, who are interested in the series, called Bates Motel 2 season with subtitles. It is located in the state of Pennsylvania. Some still little-known family suddenly decides to remake their own farm in a huge amusement Park. A lot of effort had to make the Batesons. However, the result exceeded even the most daring expectations. Now the territory of the farm has turned into a huge area where travelers can easily get a lot of incredible emotions, extraordinary experiences. And the whole population of the state hurries here, this unusual place has become so popular.the whole reason is because the Bates decided to convert the farm into a Park where every inch will be dedicated to the famous Halloween festival. Here you can really fray your nerves good, every second filled with dread. Almost the entire Park consists of a huge maze, laid and tangled with the help of huge corn stalks. Moreover, as you progress through the exciting thickets, travelers constantly stumble upon all sorts of mechanical creatures, great resembling a very real monsters.

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