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One man was very bored with his life. A young man has been suffering for a long time due to the lack of normal sleep at night. Sometimes the hero even confused where reality and dreams. He tries to do everything possible to get rid of boring life forever. The main character of the film called "Fight club" meets once Tyler darken, who never did anything to improve themselves. For a man it is much easier to engage in the complete destruction of his own personality. This he devoted the last years of his life. The hero of the movie "Fight club", which you need to see right now, Tyler quickly find a common language with each other. They become buddies. For what reason between men a fight is started. This activity brought both only pleasure. This event gave friends a brilliant idea. They organize a secret fight club, which can come to anyone who wants to take part in the fight. Rumors about a place quickly dispersed around the city. The heroes of the film created a business that instantly became popular.

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