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The Roman Empire was the most powerful state of antiquity. In the story of the painting "Barbarians Rising" thanks to the ambitious rulers, talented generals and selfless soldiers a huge area is securely protected from enemy attack. But to know more and more enslaved ordinary citizens, then citizens no longer trust their leader and his intermediaries. The Emperor's unwavering authority was shaken, any outside influence could destroy the mighty country.a group of like-minded people, capable of destroying usurpers, was formed Among the nomadic tribes, separated by the recent competent actions of the companions of the Roman nobility. Their leader, the protagonist of the film "the Uprising of the barbarians" Attila was famous for bravery and strength, he was respected by his tribesmen, afraid of enemies. But the aristocrats of the capital of a great power, he at first seemed just another loser who waited unknown death during the siege of the walls of the fortress reliable.however, this man quickly gathered under his command a countless army of soldiers hungry for freedom and equality, fiercely minded nomadic tribes rushed to the approach to Rome. For many years there was opposition of adherents of the Emperor and irreconcilable aggressors. During the battles killed a large number of brave fighters on each side. But for a great purpose, representatives of both armies were ready for anything.

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