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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
For fifteen years Lucas hood was in a maximum security prison. He was serving a sentence for various crimes, but the reason he got there is quite different. Previously, he was a member of a Russian organized crime group, her boss was the father of his girlfriend, but he was a very evil and strict man, kept everyone in tight reins. One day, this couple came up with the idea to substitute the godfather and escape from the country with a huge jackpot, but things did not go as they planned. Lucas was in prison, and Natalia in a quiet backwater called Banshee. Here all live by local rules and laws, the order is kept by the local criminal authority, which everyone is afraid and respected, no one dares to contradict him. But after leaving jail, Lucas, everything changes. He goes on the trail of his ex-girlfriend and goes to the city, immediately upon arrival at his eyes killed the local Sheriff, which was the main character is very good and he decided to take his documents and become the Sheriff of the city. Now he will have to face the mafia that runs the city and solve the problems with his former boss who wants him dead.

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