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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
  • Mystery
This is not a puppy and not entertaining animeshka and tell me she had another story of tender love to the Japanese students and female students. No, the audience will enjoy the story, the little boy whose only relative has lost his mind, while in Vietnam, and the angelic appearance of the orphaned little boy, meanwhile, tempted city crime boss - Daddy Dino. This type of "adopted" the boy and told all his people that from now on it is the heir and successor of his gangster Affairs. The poor tramp was at first delighted, thought he was in a fairy tale, and then realized that for many years he would become a toy for his master, maybe even his lover. Before reaching adulthood, fierce ash escapes from the mansion to find out why his brother went crazy and then meets a girl – photographer – Edie.