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All players live quite an interesting and exciting life, many have their favorite wives, children, whom they take care of after the game. They do not always care about the fate of their own comrades or those with whom they had to play in the same team. However it so happened that sport rather dangerous activity and never knows at what moment everything for you can end and therefore you should not relax and it is necessary to be ready to everything. It is with this and faced Spencer, in whose life little that evolved as he would like. After all, he wanted to devote his life to football, and now it was necessary to look for a new hobby. the Man tried not to lose heart and looked for pluses in everything. But that's the fate to him was very cruel and unjust, as are constantly faced with the players, Recalling the past, which now can not be returned. At some point, the man hoped that he found his beloved and now be able to start a family and not think about the past. But and here all it turned out not so simply as he thought. After all, with a woman he did not work out and he had already felt that he was not destined at all to get anything from this life. But it's important not to give up and while he lives he can still fix it, but realize it's Spencer's until it was too late?

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