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The film "the Lair of the Monster" tells the story of a girl who was a prisoner of an inadequate attacker, and a group of guys who are engaged in theft. The unfortunate victim has long been under lock and key, leaving all hope for salvation. Sometimes she truly wanted to die, but would quickly end this nightmare. The maniac was in no hurry to take his victim's life. He's got unbelievable pleasure at the sight of her suffering. She had lost track of time. She didn't know the day or the night on the street, because in the room, it turned into a real torture chamber, always there was an atmosphere of gloom and terror. The appearance of strangers was a real surprise for the captive, the last chance for salvation.A group of young men for a long time, hunted theft. This criminal craft allowed accomplices not only to thoroughly improve their own financial situation and become authorities among peers in the criminal environment. Regular penetration in the homes of rich people was a kind of revenge guys the oligarchs, which young criminals are considered the main problem of modern society. "Noble" thieves had no idea what surprises were waiting for this time. View related half-dead girl was forced to start guys. They had no idea that this was only the beginning of a terrible adventure. The psychopath is watching everything that happens, he started a real hunt. Watch the movie "the Lair of the Monster" and find out whether someone managed to escape from the young people.

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