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  • Drama
An incredible melodrama, about a young and successful girl who inevitably found herself in a love triangle. The story of each hero of the love triangle is individual, one of them is a famous man in the world of business, the second is no less famous artist. A successful businessman in a fit of frenzied passion forgets about his wife, family and has an affair with Na Jn Jung. Happy and for the first time seemed strong novel suddenly ended and for Soo Hwan it was the next fun. The heaviness and pain do not give rest to the young girl and she does not stay in this city for a second and leaves. Trying to forget about what happened fate presents her with a page from the past. Kang Yong Ki also tried to forget the loss of his beloved goes to where he met her again: sweet, gentle Na Jn Jung... the continuation of their romance ignites again, but all is not so simple.