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The criminal situation that has developed in one of the cities was so dangerous that the local Prosecutor decided on quite an unusual step, remembering that like cures he agrees to a deal with the most dangerous representatives of the gangs. And now, at his personal request, the chief detective organizes a kind of group confrontation, which also includes a very simple person, their task is to fight against criminals who are particularly cruel and dangerous. At the head of the gang that was created by the representatives of the law, stood Park UN Chul - robber, who has inhuman strength, his right hand - Chon Te su is quite talented and cunning killer, closing in their three became Lee Jong mun - a young serial killer who has an extremely amazing memory and intelligence. But, such an unusual team needs an experienced curator, they became - Yu Mi Yong, an extremely professional police officer, with extensive experience and charming appearance, who is ready to stand behind the streets of his hometown to the death. And now, this unusual team is introduced to the most dangerous areas of the city to permanently eradicate crime and end banditry.