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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
The protagonist of the series had everything, a beautiful wife, a son and a job. At one point he lost everything and he barely survived. A terrible disaster takes the life of his wife, and he and his son miraculously live. The next morning after the accident, Mike knows woke up in a different time period. Here his wife and son are still alive, the accident was not yet. In order to save his family hero must live and work in two dimensions. He must carefully live every day to notice the details and build a plan of how to avoid an accident. The strangest thing is that it is unclear which of the realities is real. These time intervals are intertwined and confused. What you need to do to survive the hero does not know, but he is sure that he will find a way out of this difficult situation. He has a purpose and an opportunity to change everything.