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The staff of Moses is one of the most powerful artifacts that once existed. He could resurrect the dead, give untold riches and give the owner incredible power. In order to transfer the power of this stick to the sons of Attila, a ritual was performed. To hide the power of the stick, Attila broke it into 3 parts and hid each in different parts of the world. Many years have passed, it has become a legend, and the commander-in-chief of the special squad obsessed with the idea to put this staff together. With it, he wants to create an invincible army. He believes that thanks to his power, the United States will become the dominant power, and he will have absolute power. Attila (2013) - a film about the great warrior of the Huns Attila, who after 1500 years of nothingness returned to the modern world to sow death and destruction. nnIn one of operations, together with part of stick, military found strange leftovers from the. They belonged to Attila, and human blood, accidentally fell on his remains, raised a great warrior to life. Now he destroys everything in his path, sows destruction and death. The military is worried that operation Genesis has been disrupted and the remains of Gong and the staff are gone. But soon, the commander-in-chief finds out the truth, from which there is no escape, and it's too late to change everything. No one can cope with this greatest conqueror Attila and the only hope is an elite special squad, which is involved in complex military operations. In the film Attila people will meet with the invincible and terrible enemy they have ever seen. nnFighter Attila (2013) - a story of the battle of the past and the present, eternal power and modern training. Attila - undead warrior, who fears neither bullets nor modern technology. He had to continue to lie in the ground, and now out of human vanity and permissiveness, walking on the ground and hunting for the staff, which will give him total power. People have broken all human laws, trying to resurrect the best warriors, and now their secret operation can lead to devastating consequences.

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