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That autumn became significant in her life. That's when she met you. Their names began to sparkle with new colors. She thought sympathy to you was the salvation from loneliness. But unrequited love was only the beginning of existence in his world. A girl named Zhong Shao XI is a real storm not only for her classmates, but even for guys. She is very willful, not afraid to break even discipline in school. Yes, what can we say, with parents also happen altercation. Parents, she's a little shy. They're a little quirky. She is not afraid to break even the code Of three obedience and four virtues. How to make friends with such set and, especially, the guy? She's already engaged, by the way. Her great-grandfather's will. But, our heroine is not discouraged. Could whether she think, that hateful the bridegroom will melt its heart of. Will the feelings be mutual?