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Original Title: Attack on Titan
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
Channel: HTB,MBS TV,Tokyo MX,BS11,FBS
Creators: Yasuko Kobayashi
Description: The events in this anime will unfold in the distant future. The prehistory tells us that humanity was almost completely destroyed. Invincible enemies were huge gumada growth, they are easily compared with a multi-storey building. As written, the sources, the reason these creatures never had one, they lived simply by instinct. And one of the instincts I had a great desire to eat, and they ate a lot in their growth. And one of the favorite dishes was a great man. Of course, humanity has not completely died out, there is not much alive, which is currently scattered throughout the city.nnOnly some cities were protected by sufficiently large walls, through which the giants simply could not, they were able to save the lives of ordinary people who are under their protection. The main character of this anime was an ordinary teenager named All was well from time to time, in one ordinary day in his life, he, along with his sister who is Mikasa, she is his half-sister, became the witness of terrible events. As if out of nowhere in front of the city walls with Then young Erin took an oath that will be able to avenge almost all of humanity, while destroying all the giants to one.

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