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The presented film, shot in the documentary genre, will tell the audience about the greatest and perhaps the most important scientific discovery in the history, which will leave a lasting impression on everyone who will watch this show. The main question that has been asked of every person who has ever lived on the planet is-What is the whole World made up of?. Today, this question seems quite realistic, because thanks to new technologies, we can look into the essence and get an answer to any question. This story tells about the most brilliant discovery - the discovery of the atom. The richness of what surrounds us, all the complex mechanisms that occur in the world can be explained by a fairly simple ratio of atoms that obey their specific laws and orders. With the help of this story, each viewer can plunge into the depths of the atom, into the heart of matter, where scientists were able to unravel the most amazing secrets of nature and answer the most simple and at the same time the most difficult, intricate questions.