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This series is getting a continuation of the series about the Superman came out in a thousand nine hundred and forty-eighth year. In the center of attention is the confrontation between super MENA and the villain Luthor, which is trying by all means to take possession of a mysterious coin, which, thanks to the symbols on it, is of real value for the villain. The protagonist of the series Superman his opponent Les Luthor, he was nicknamed the atomic man for experimenting with dangerous reactive substances. Every day he invents a large number of devices in order to destroy the city. One of his inventions is a disintegrating machine that can disassemble any person into molecules and collect it in a completely different place. Once again, Superman saves the city and prevents the implementation of the sinister plans of Luthor. But the villain found a weapon against his opponent, he learned that krypton is able to deprive Superman forces. It is almost impossible to find it ready, so he decided to create it himself. Atomic man steals all necessary elements such as plutonium and radium. Using krypton he still managed to capture the hero, then he puts him in the device for moving and sends in a Blank Area. Will the hero be able to return to Earth and will he be able to prevent the destruction of the city.