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Two friends, returning home from a Christmas party, decide to take a nice colleague to bring her home. On the way, the trio wanted to eat a little, and for this they need to withdraw money from an ATM, which is nearby. The ATM is located in a deserted Parking lot, close to which there are no shops, no cameras, no people. Heroes, going to the cherished room, do not even realize that in the near future it will be their only shelter from the danger that lurks on the street.nnAfter removing the required amount of money, young people noticed on the street by a strange man in the hood, which is right in front of them brutally murdered with ordinary passers-by. Locked in an ATM heroes hoped to escape from the killer, assuming that he would soon leave. But they were trapped, from which there is no way out, because an unknown man started with them a truly terrifying game. Young people need only to survive until morning, because the sunrise on the street and start to walk the passers-by, and a maniac will probably hide. But it will not be so easy, because the killer does not intend to retreat until you finish the job.

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