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Original Title: Arthur
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: PBS
Creators: Marc Brown,Cookie Jar Group
Language: English
Description: Saxons have been destroying Celtic settlements and common people for many years. There is a fierce war, and in this difficult period, the light appears unusual child with a strange mark, which indicates its belonging to the mighty extinct race of visionaries. Since childhood, Merlin began to show incredible strength, which he carefully concealed from everyone, fearing possible consequences. But one day in his village came the Royal priest, who wanted to sacrifice the boy to the gods, but in the end Merlin managed to escape into the woods, and his mother was executed. Fifteen years after these events, the king continues to fight against the Saxons and listen to all the advice of your priest. One of the few who don't like sacrifice, is a brave warrior Arthur, who is the main enemy of the Celts thinks not of the Saxons, namely, the priest.After another disobedience Arthur is expelled from the army and forced to leave the army. But, instead of going home, the warrior decides to find a powerful wizard, which he had knowledge. Soon he finds Merlin, who for many years is a hermit and waiting for the right hour to lead the forces of light in the war. Two heroes begin to act together and change the course of history.

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