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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
For more than a hundred years, the space empires Gilgamesh and Balaran have been waging a fierce war. Many losses suffered opponents, but the end and edge of the battle is not visible. Enemies themselves have forgotten about the root causes of the conflict, but can not stop. After a while, everything goes to the fact that the war will finally come to an end. At this time, Chirico Cuvi, a former agent of special forces Detachment Krasnolesy, involved in a secret mission. This mission can finally bring peace to the warring parties. Kiriko and his squad make their way to the secret allied base, where the mysterious object. After completing the task and capturing the object, the age-old war was over. However, Cuvie realizes that he became a pawn in someone's dangerous game. Now he has to wage war, but with another enemy.