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In the center of the plot-a famous scientist Named Roh RA, who is considered the inventor of one of the most advanced technologies. The lady makes discoveries about the human brain, which allows you to speed up the process of creating artificial intelligence. The achievements of women in this industry have been generously appreciated by the world community, and many experts in this field have listened to the opinion of the Ro RA. The woman does not forget about family life: she has a husband and a son named Nam Shin - the only heir to a large family capital. Of course, of all the achievements of the scientist considers his son - the biggest. But with boys there's an accident, the result of which he is in a coma. This event was a shock for the mother, and the doctors did not give any promises about whether the guy will be able to return to his former life.nnDoctors have not much faith in a successful outcome, but because the parents have already started to tune for the worst case scenario. Mom didn't want to admit defeat. Is a scientist like her not able to help her own child? Oh Ro RA against public attention to her son, sympathetic looks and whispering behind her back.nnAnd at one point she had the idea to make a substitution for her son on Android, which will be externally - an exact copy of the guy. When using the latest technologies in robotics, others will not be able to notice the catch. When the work on the prototype was completed, the woman herself was surprised by the striking similarity of the robot with the original. From now on, wherever necessary, the robot We will impersonate the son Of Ro, RA. In order not to accidentally reveal the frightening truth about the false heir, a personal bodyguard was appointed to look after him. And most likely for a long time no one would have known about the substitution, if not for the troubles that constantly got “updated” us Tires. Fans of action-show will surely appreciate the idea of the authors.

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